how to opt out of Radaris

opt out of Radaris

Here is your guide on how to permanently opt out and remove your personal information from Radaris is a data broker that collects and sells your personal information for profit to anyone. This guide will show you how to permanently remove your name and more from Radaris.

TIP: There are hundreds of data brokers out there just like Radaris who collect and sell your data for a profit. Rather than find each one and opt out manually, you can opt out of ALL data brokers at once with a tool like Get unlimited monitoring and data removal for just $4.99/month.

to opt out and remove your name from Radaris:

  1. First, visit and click through the steps until you get to the search page. visit Radaris visit Radaris visit Radaris
  2. When you get to the search page, enter your name. visit Radaris
  3. Find the listing that contains your personal information, and select the "Control Info" button. visit Radaris
  4. Radaris forces you to create an account in order to verify that it is actually you removing your information, so this means you must create an account to continue opting out. visit Radaris
  5. Radaris then makes you enter your phone number and then texts you a verification code. Do this to continue. visit Radaris visit Radaris
  6. Once you verify your phone number, a thank you screen will pop up. Click the "View Profile" button. visit Radaris
  7. This will take you to your profile. Click the down arrow to the right of the blue button. This will open two options. Select the option that says "control info." visit Radaris
  8. Next, a page with two orange buttons will appear. Click the orange button that says "Manage Info." visit Radaris
  9. Finally, you will see your profile in the "control information" section of their website. First click "make profile private" to ensure your information is no longer public. Then click "delete specific records" and search for any records that match your personal information that you want to delete. visit Radaris
  10. Congratulations! You are now opted out of Radaris!

How long does it take Radaris to remove my information?

Once you submit your opt-out request, Radaris says it can take two to three days. This is good news because your information will no longer be publicly listed on their website after that period of time.

The downside is that they may re-collect your data in the future and start selling it again. This is why it's worth having a monitoring service like who will scan the web for your information every month to ensure it has not been re-listed. will automatically submit opt-out requests on your behalf to Radaris and over 50 other data brokers who sell your personal information. This saves you countless hours of submitting removal requests, and having to check every month if your data has been relisted.