About Us
About Us

Privacyon.com was founded in August of 2022, after our founder googled his name and discovered dozens of websites selling his information. "How is this legal?" he thought. Feeling exposed and vulnerable, he set out to create a company who's sole purpose was to reinstate people's privacy. And in today's very public internet era, we believe it's a purpose worth fighting for.

Our mission at privacyon.com is to empower people to live a private life. We don't believe it's moral for another entity to sell your personal information for a profit. We aim to bring back the good old days of privacy. Those golden pre-internet times when you could have an embarrassing moment without the whole world knowing. When your private information was just that, private.

As we continue to grow our business and hire talented people who share our vision, we will empower as many people as possible who wish to turn their privacy back on.

Contact Us

Please read the FAQ below before emailing us. If you still have a question please contact us here: contact@privacyon.com

How long does it take to remove my information? +

As soon as you sign up, we submit over 50 opt-out/removal requests to the data brokers you see on your dashboard when you login. This is something that would take months to do without a software like ours.

These data brokers can take between 24 hours and 90 days to update their records and honor our data removal request on your behalf. A process which is unfortunately out of our hands once we submit the opt-out/removal request.

Our software monitors these websites in case they are too slow to remove your data, or attempt to re-list it for profit. We then will follow up with more removal requests on your behalf before escalating.

How much does it cost? +

Individual data removal plans are $9.99/month, and family plans are $29.99/month.

How do I add family members to my account? +

In order to add family members, you must first be subscribed to a family plan. Once you are subscribed to a family plan, please login here. Once logged in, you will see a dropdown menu at the top of your dashboard with your name. Click that and you will see an option to "Add Another Person." Click that, and it will take you to a form where you can submit the details of the family member you want to add.

Why do I see other names besides my own? +

When our software scans the web for your information, it matches as closely as it can to the information you provided. Sometimes you will see other names appear with yours. That's because the data brokers that our software scans have combined your name with someone else who shares similar information to you. Unfortunately there is nothing we can do about this, because it's the data brokers themselves who are doing it. But please rest assured, you are not removing anyone else's data but your own.

How do I login? +

In order to login, please visit our login page here. Once on the login page, please enter your email into the login input and then click "Log In." A login email will immediately be emailed to your email address. Please login to your email account and locate the login email we sent you. Open the login email and click the button that says "Login." This will log you in to your PrivacyOn dashboard.

Where is my login email? +

If for some reason our email does not make it to your inbox, please check your spam folder. If you find an email from us in your spam folder, make sure to mark it as "not spam," so you can continue receiving your data removal alerts and login emails.

How do I change my plan? +

If you decide that you want to change your plan, simply login to your account and open the menu in the upper right hand corner. When the menu opens, click the "Billing" option. This will take you to your billing portal. In your Billing Portal there will be an "Update Plan" button. Click that and select your new plan. Your new plan will be prorated and your PrivacyOn account will be updated.

How do I cancel my account? +

If you decide that data removal is not for you, we make it easy to cancel your plan. Simply login to your account and open the menu in the upper right hand corner. When the menu opens, click the "Billing" option. This will take you to your billing portal. In your Billing Portal there will be a "Cancel Plan" button. Click that, and your plan will be canceled.