I deleted my family's information from the internet - Here's How You Can Too

Did you know that your personal information is being sold online for a profit? Data brokers make money from selling your private information to spammers, creepers, nosey neighbors, and anyone else who wants access to your life and personal history.

Your exposed information includes your home address, phone number, kids names and ages, where you work, court records etc. Any creeper who wants to know all about you and your family can access all of your information instantly.

Information you thought was private and “nobody’s business” is actually exposed to the whole world. On top of that, you’re at a much higher risk of credit card fraud and identity theft. It’s easy to impersonate someone if ALL of their private information is available.

Unfortunately, most people don't even know they’re exposed. They become a victim of credit card fraud or get targeted for some type of scam, all because their information is being sold online. But what if there was an easy way to delete your exposed information from the internet so scammers and creeps couldn't find you?

Well now there is. It's a genius new site called privacyon.com, and I think you need to hear about it. You can even scan your name below to see all of your exposed information and who's selling it.

I first heard about it from my sister, who recently became a victim of credit card fraud. Someone had opened a credit card in her name and within hours spent over $5,300. It was a nightmare for her and her husband.

After seeing what happened to her, I decided to see if my information was being sold online. I googled my name and dozens of records from different people search websites appeared in the search results. I clicked on one and there was all of my information...my home address, my son’s name, my phone number, etc. All of my private information, listed for sale publicly. I was sick.

I started researching how to remove your information from the internet, but there was nothing useful. Moreover there were so many random websites selling my information, I couldn’t keep track of them all. There had to be a better way.

During my sister's credit card fraud investigation, her fraud agent recommended privacyon.com. He said it removes all of your exposed information from the internet. The agent told my sister it would help protect her against future fraud, reduce her spam, and dramatically increase her family’s privacy and online safety.

My sister called to tell me about it, since she knew I was looking to remove my family’s digital footprint as well. She had already signed up for their annual family plan, which allows up to five additional family members besides yourself.

After our phone call I immediately signed up. I scanned my name, then signed up for a family plan as well. I added my husband, two kids, and my Mom.

What’s great is they show you all of the websites that are selling your information. Their dashboard also shows you which websites have deleted your data and which are pending. I get so excited when I see an email update from PrivacyOn alerting me that yet another data broker has deleted mine or my family's information.

It’s incredibly satisfying knowing that PrivacyOn is out there actively removing our information from the web. These big data brokers don’t get to profit from me and my family anymore.

Not to mention the peace of mind that no creeper can find out where we live and show up in the middle of the night. As a mother I worry about the safety of my children. Before privacyon.com, if some creep decided to target my kids, he could easily look them up online and find out where we live. Not anymore, and that makes me so happy.

Who Can Benefit From Privacyon.com

PrivacyOn Loves Its Customers

One thing I love about privacyon.com is they have real humans who live in America doing their customer service. You won’t get some foreigner who can’t speak English, or some robot that doesn’t know what you’re saying.

I contacted their customer support to ask about the data removal timeline (they remove your information from over 50 data brokers), and a customer support agent got back within 24 hours with an in depth answer. They told me to reach out if I had any other questions. I came away feeling like I was part of the PrivacyOn family, like they had my back.

Out of curiosity I combed through their refund policy. It’s one of the more lenient policies I’ve ever seen. They are a customer forward company and have very customer friendly policies. They also make it extremely easy to cancel your account if you decide that removing your information from the internet isn’t for you.

PrivacyOn VS Big Data

Big data has made billions of dollars off our information since the internet revolution. So it’s no surprise they’re going to fight back against anybody who tries to stand in their way. But at the end of the day it’s our information, not theirs, and that’s what PrivacyOn recognizes.

I read their “about me” page, and it clearly states that the mission of PrivacyOn is to reinstate the golden age of privacy. To return the “right to privacy” back to the individual. Nobody should be allowed to sell your information for profit without your consent.

Big data doesn’t like this and is already making moves to shut them down. But the good news is, the more people sign up for PrivacyOn, the more resources they’ll have to defeat big data. For every data record PrivacyOn removes, big data loses money.

Lifetime Discount

For a limited time, PrivacyOn is offering a 50% FOR LIFE discount to new users. We don’t know how long this discount is going to last, but if you sign up today you’ll be locked in for life at the discounted rate. So if you want to remove your information from the internet and secure your privacy, I highly recommend scanning your name below and signing up!

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