how to opt out of whitepages for free

opt out of whitepages

Whitepages is a data broker that collects your information and profits from it without your permission. If you receive a lot of spam calls and junkmail it's in part thanks to To help stop companies like this, we've created a free guide to opt out and remove your personal information from their website.

TIP: There are hundreds of data brokers out there just like Whitepages who collect and sell your data for a profit. Rather than find each one and opt out manually, you can opt out of ALL data brokers at once with a tool like Get unlimited monitoring and data removal for just $4.99/month.

Free whitepages opt out guide:

  1. First, visit and type your name into the search bar. Whitepages will list all of the profiles it has that match your information. Find your profile and click "View Full Report." opt out of whitepages
  2. On the next page that lists your full report, copy the URL. opt out of whitepages
  3. Open a new tab in your browser, and go to, and paste the URL from the last step into the text area and click the "next" button. whitepages opt out
  4. They will show you the information from the profile you copied. Click the blue "Remove Me" button to confirm and continue. opt out of whitepages
  5. Select a reason why you wish to opt out, and click the blue "Next" button. opt out of whitepages
  6. In order to remove your information, whitepages makes you verify your opt out by phone. Enter your phone number into the text area and click the blue "Call Now To Verify" button. opt out of whitepages
  7. On the next page is your confirmation code. When the whitepages robot calls you and asks for a confirmation code, enter the four digits that appear on your screen. opt out of whitepages
  8. When you have entered your confirmation code into the phone, and the whitepages robot tells you that you have successfully opted out, you should see a green box appear on your screen. opt out of whitepages
  9. You have successfully opted out of! Your information should be removed from their website within 24 hours.