how to opt out of Spokeo

opt out of spokeo

Here is your guide on how to permanently opt out and remove your personal information from Spokeo is a data broker that collects and sells your personal information for profit to anyone. This guide will show you how to permanently remove your name and more from Spokeo.

TIP: There are hundreds of data brokers out there just like Spokeo who collect and sell your data for a profit. Rather than find each one and opt out manually, you can opt out of ALL data brokers at once with a tool like Get unlimited monitoring and data removal for just $4.99/month.

to opt out and remove your name from Spokeo:

  1. First, visit and type your name into the search bar. It will begin loading your information visit spokeo When it's finished loading, find the profile with your information and click "See Results" search your name on spokeo When the page with all of your information opens, copy the URL in the search bar, you will need it for step two. copy url of spokeo profile spokeo
  2. Open a new tab in your browser and visit Then, paste the copied URL into the input that says "Enter URL here." Then enter your email address, complete the captcha, and click "Remove This Listing." opt out of spokeo
  3. They will email you a verification email. Open that email and click the Spokeo opt out link provided in the email. It should be the second link down. confirm spokeo opt out email
  4. You will be directed to Spokeo's offical opt out form again, but this time you should see a green confirmation at the bottom that looks like the image below. you have successfully opted out of spokeo
  5. Congratulations! You are now opted out of Spokeo!

How long does it take Spokeo to remove my information?

Once you submit your opt-out request, Spokeo says it can take two to three days. This is good news because your information will no longer be publicly listed on their website after that period of time.

The downside is that they may re-collect your data in the future and start selling it again. This is why it's worth having a monitoring service like who will scan the web for your information every month to ensure it has not been re-listed. will automatically submit opt-out requests on your behalf to Spokeo and over 50 other data brokers who sell your personal information. This saves you countless hours of submitting removal requests, and having to check every month if your data has been relisted.