how to opt out of fastpeoplesearch

Are you sick and tired of having your personal information publicly strewn across the internet for anyone to see? Well, here is your guide on how to permanently remove your name from We'll also show you how to remove your personal information from dozens of other internet data brokers who profit from selling your data.

TIP: Opting out of does not remove your information from the other data brokers currently selling your information. Your information will still be public on these other websites. If you would like to automatically opt-out of all data brokers at once, including, just click here and scan your name.

opt out of fastpeoplesearch

Guide: How to remove yourself from

  1. Visit their removals page at
  2. Fill out the form with the email address you wish to be removed then click the "Begin Removal Process" button to continue.
  3. A form will appear where you can type in your full name and address, so fastpeoplesearch can locate your record. Enter your full name in the first input box, and your address in the second input box. Click "Free Search" to continue.
  4. A list of records with your information or similar information will show up. Find the record that displays your information, and click on it.
  5. This is where they try to trick you. DO NOT click on "View Full Background Report." Make sure you click on "Remove My Record."
  6. If you clicked the correct button, you should see this alert that fastpeoplesearch has emailed you a verification request. Login to the email you submitted in step 2 to receive this verification email.
  7. Locate the email from fastpeoplesearch in your inbox, and open it. There will be a link inside that you must click in order to have your data removed.
  8. If you did everything correctly, then you should see this confirmation. Congratulation! You successfully removed your information from fastpeoplesearch!

It may take some time for your information to be removed from In the meantime, you can take additional steps to protect your online privacy, such as by removing personal information from other websites and monitoring your online presence.

Benefits of opting out of fastpeoplesearch

Fastpeoplesearch has a history of your personal information, and updates it regularly. If you buy a house, get arrested, get married, or anything else that is subject to public records, it gets added to their permanent database.

This means that anyone in the world can access your full name, relatives names (including your mothers maiden name), your home address, email addresses, phone numbers, and more. For a small fee, fastpeoplesearch will sell your data to anyone, including spammers, scammers, identity thieves, stalkers and more.

Do you really feel safe knowing that at anytime, anyone in the world can access all a full history of your personal information? People wonder why identity theft and credit card theft is so prevalent in the US. It's in part because of data brokers like fastpeoplesearch who collect and sell your private information.

How long does it take fastpeoplesearch to remove my information?

Once you submit your opt-out request, fastpeoplesearch says it can take up to 72 hours. This isn't bad considering other data brokers can take 90 days.

The downside is that they may re-collect your data in the future and start selling it again. This is why it's worth having a monitoring service like who will scan the web for your information every month to ensure it has not been re-listed. will automatically submit opt-out requests on your behalf to fastpeoplesearch and over 50 other data brokers who sell your personal information. This saves you countless hours of submitting removal requests, and having to check every month if your data has been relisted.