How celebrities hide their personal information - You can do it too

Have you ever wondered why celebrities personal information - phone number, email, etc - is impossible to find online? Why is your phone number and addresses listed everywhere but not theirs? Well the answer is simple...

Celebrities and public figures hire teams of professionals to remove their information from the web. It's a risk to their personal safety if their private information is listed online. But what about a normal person like us? What if we have a stalker, or someone from our past who wants to find or hurt us?

For a normal person who doesn't have a million dollar a year PR team to manage their reputation, what are you supposed to do if your information gets exposed online? Well, thankfully there's a solution.

How Can You Protect Yourself? is a genius new data removal software that does exactly what a celebrity PR team does, but for only $4.99/month! Within a matter of weeks, all of your personal records that have been listed online will be removed.

Selling your personal data has become a multi-billion dollar business for big tech companies. They don't care that they're exposing you to harm and embarrassment so long as they make their money. With, you can put a stop to them. Automatically opt-out of all people search, background check, and public record websites.

With, no company will be able to sell your personal information for profit. They are restoring your "right to privacy."

The Dangers Of Being Exposed

The biggest problem facing internet users when their information is being sold, is their own personal safety. If anyone in the world can find out where you live, who you are, what kind of car you drive, etc, then you become a target. This is especially dangerous for families who have young kids.

Predators love using people search sites to find out where their victims live. It's unbelievable these websites are still allowed to go unchecked and sell our data. That's why it's so valuable to have a tool like, where you can wipe your exposed data completely.