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of people have exposed personal information online:
We make it simple to find and remove your personal info:
Protect Your Privacy
Remove your sensitive personal info from dozens of Data Broker sites that expose it online.
Secure Your Identity
Keep your private data hidden from hackers, spammers, and anyone who could impact your life.
Monitor Your Private Info
Get alerts and automatic removal any time your private info appears in the future.
Removing Your Personal Information Protects You From:
Identity theft. Scammers use exposed info to impersonate people, ruin credit and max out cards, which costs time and money to repair.
Robocalls. Telemarketers find phone numbers online and use them to disrupt people with unsolicited calls.
Spam, scams and ransomware. Spammers find email addresses online and use them to disrupt people with spam, scams and viruses.
Stalkers, creeps and doxxers. Stalkers use exposed addresses, phone numbers and relatives' names to track down and harass victims.
Continual re-exposure. Data Brokers continually re-publish pieces of personally identifiable info, which shows up in Google.
Embarassing disclosures. Anyone who Googles you can find your divorce records, traffic violations, age, net worth, and more.
Our comprehensive privacy suite makes it easy to:
Remove your personal info from dangerous sites exposing you to identity thieves, hackers, spammers & more.
Delete unused accounts storing your personal data to decrease your risk of data breaches.
Monitor the dark web and get alerts if your password is compromised by hackers.
Clean up your social media by removing any unprofessional posts or images before they impact your life.
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